It’s “Jesus Night” on American Idol


Did you watch American Idol last night?  Supposedly it was Country Week featuring Dolly Parton and The Clark Brothers.  But after Dolly sang a song off her new album called, Jesus and Gravity, and The Clark Brothers sang their country version of This Little Light of Mine, I was wondering if we should call it Jesus Night!

Now, granted, in this Postmodern age, Jesus’ name is brought up quite often especially in country music lyrics.  And just because his name was sung about and talked about doesn’t mean a whole lot.  After all, our culture loves to talk about Jesus.  He’s all over the media.  We like Jesus.  We just don’t want him to be King.  He’s fine as our warm fuzzy friend who’s there to pick us up when we’re down.  But don’t make him more than that.  Don’t make him more than a nice, moral teacher who we can learn from and get things from when we’re in a bind.

I find it interesting that on a show called American Idol, Jesus himself can be an idol.  The Jesus that people paint in their own minds and sing with their own lyrics in front of millions.

Perhaps I should be thankful that Jesus’ name is mentioned in a show that reaches millions across the world.  And I don’t claim to know Dolly Parton’s heart or the hearts of The Clark Brothers for that matter.  I guess I get a little wary of lyrics that have lines such as these:

“I’ve got all I need, Jesus and gravity, He’s my friend, He’s my light, He’s my wings” (from Dolly’s song, Jesus and Gravity).

And “Jesus on the mainline, tell him what you want” (from The Clark Brothers version of This Little Light of Mine).

What do you think?  Am I being too harsh?  What was your reaction to the show?

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17 Responses to “It’s “Jesus Night” on American Idol”

  • Kellie Says:

    I don’t know we don’t watch that heathen show! Just kidding! I saw it both nights, sad to say! I had similar reaction to you.

  • tiffany Says:

    Jesus said, You have not because you have asked not. Asked largely that you joy might be filled.
    He also said be perfect therefore your father in heaven is perfect.

    careful or you might sound more the people who crucified Jesus rather than sounding like Jesus.

  • Maggie Says:

    Frankly, I thought Dolly’s “Jesus and Gravity” was appropriate for a revival meeting, certainly not for “American Idol.”
    I found it grating and irritating.

  • David Says:

    Nice open mind. At least she has something to say — not many people can sustain career longevity in the music business for over 40 years.

  • Roy Sutton Says:

    Why can’t you just enjoy the show instead of picking up on absolutely inconsequential points? I thought the Clark Brothers were amazing. Couldn’t say the same for Dolly, though.

  • Doug Says:

    Thanks to all of you who made comments. I sincerely appreciate the feedback, and for some, the critique. It challenges me and humbles me.

    Just so you know, I do enjoy watching American Idol. I think it showcases the amazing giftedness of singers and artists across the country. I had never heard of the Clark Brothers before, and I did enjoy the crazy skills they had on the guitar and mandolin just like you did, Roy. And you’re right, David, the fact that Dolly’s been singing for over 40 years is amazing.

    I suppose my post reflects my desire for people to know the real Jesus from the Bible. And yet I understand the show is not for that purpose. It’s just interesting to me that all over people in our country talk about him and sing about him, but do we really know him?

  • Doug Says:

    Considering how miserable the talent level has been so far this year, it’s no wonder they’re hoping for a miracle. I had the misconception that the show was about picking a American Idol, but it seems it’s much more about an American Evangalist. How wrong I was. Please, Jesus, Take The Wheel, ’cause I’m driving on empty and I’m speakin’ in tongues.

  • Doug Says:

    Doug, I like your name. :) But what do you mean the show seems more about being an “American Evangelist”?

  • Doug Says:

    Hey Doug,

    It’s all this Jesus Stuff. It was just plain over the top during “Dolly Week”. People can believe what they want, but, please, leave me out of it, and do not try to shove it down my throat. If I want to do the Jesus Thing there are dozens and dozens of TV channels devoted to it. Let me make the choice, don’t try to decide for me.

  • Lorne Says:

    Why are you upset because they mention the name of the Lord that died to pay for your sinning against him in breaking his laws by lying, stealing, lusting, hating, and blaspheming his holy name, and whome will one day judge you for every thought word and action. if anything, we should be upset by the blasphemy they use on there when they use God’s name in vain in place of a cuss word.

  • Dawn Says:

    I Loved the Clark Brothers performance and I Loved Dolly Parton’s performaance. The first time I ever saw The Clark Brothers perform that song was when they auditioned for American band. If you know anything about them and their family, you will KNOW that they truly, sincerely LOVE GOD. They wrote a beautiful worship song that they performed on American Band the night they won.

    Please, look for more information on them.

    And I also truly believe that Dolly Parton is a woman of God. I bet she will be in Heaven with us and maybe even the Lord will call her to lead us in worship one day.

  • Anne Says:

    I watched the night they sang about Jesus…I thought it was wonderful. People say they don’t want the name of Jesus or “religion” shoved down their throat when someone is singing something nice about Jesus but do they say the same thing when almost every single show on television say His name in a blasphomous way? Do they cringe at that or is that o.k? If Hollywood has NO PROBLEM making sure movies, shows, etc. blaspheme the name of Christ then people should have no problem when His PRECIOUS, HOLY NAME IS SAID WITH REVERENCE AND LOVE AS IT DESERVES TO BE…Jesus is Lord and EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Anne Says:

    I watched “Idol Gives Back” tonight and thought that was great they sang “Shout to the Lord”. …but, I don’t know if I missed it or not but I believe they left out the most important part of the song….”My Jesus, My Saviour”. After watching the “Idol Gives Back” I realized it has it’s far left (HILL-BILLERY) politacal agenda all set up. They know everyone watches it so they want those “evangelical Christian Voters” to keep watching so they sing a Christian song but leave out the name of Jesus. During the whole show they put on all “liberal” guests and show images of Bill Clinton with a shovel (how appropo) helping people rebuild their homes. George Bush senior was with Bill Clinton when he was helping people after Katrina hit… why didn’t they show him? It was interesting how all Clinton supporters and/or DEMOCRATS were on Idol tonight…let’s see..BRAD PITT, JIMMY KIMMELL, ELLEN DEGENERIS, BILLY CRYSTAL, WHOOPIE GOLDBERG… I guarantee if you watch American Idol “gives back” show you will be able to see the far left politacal agenda in between all the “good works”. We need to help people, especially the poor but please don’t make it a DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL thing just because we are in an election year. Republicans, Christians and others that are not DEMOCRATS give to the poor always and always have and always will and not just because it’s an election year. :)

  • Matthias Says:

    My initial reaction was amazement that Dolly on a nationally televised show was allowed to perform an obviously religious song. I commend Fox for allowing the song to be performed and the courage of Dolly. Yes, we all have our own beliefs and bristle if they are challenged; however, I did not find the song in the least bit proselytizing at all. Dolly was expressing her feelings through song. Unless I’m mistaken, this country provides us with the opportunity for free speech.

    Ultimately, I was very pleased with the show and Dolly’s song considering the many possible choices available, her’s was refreshing and , may I say, uplifting!

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  • Mfraser Says:

    actually jesus on the main line is a traditional southern gospel song. It is to the same tune as this little light of mine. So I don’t think it was wierd or disrespectful. We sing it at church all the time

  • Brian Says:

    I find it sad that when some people weren’t up for the whole Jesus thing all anyone can do is preach about how intolerant they are instead of respecting their opinion. Same goes for people on the other side who don’t respect the people who were happy about it. Personally it turned me off to the show. That is my opinion and I would appreciate not being preached at for it. And I appreciate Doug here for keeping an open respectful discussion.

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