Jan 30 2011

Robert Murray M’Cheyne Quotes

by Doug Wolter

As I get ready to leave for the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference on Prayer, I’ll leave you with these quotes by Robert Murray M’Cheyne. John Piper will do a biographical message on his life on Tuesday afternoon. Should be good. Thanks again for your prayers. I’ll be back on Wednesday.

“A man is what he is on his knees before God, and nothing more.”

“For every look at self, take ten looks at Christ.”

“The greatest need of my people is my personal holiness.”

“Live near to God, and all things will appear little to you in comparison with eternal realities.”

Jan 28 2011

Going to DG Prayer Conference

by Doug Wolter

On Monday morning I’m heading up north (I know, I’m crazy) to Minnesota for the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference on Prayer. I’m really looking forward to it – not just to hear the great line-up of speakers, but to hear from God and grow in what it means to be a man of prayer. I long to know God more deeply, and as a husband, father and pastor, “devote myself to prayer and the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4).

Would you pray for me this Mon – Wed? And if you’re going to the conference, let me know!

Oct 27 2010

The Art of Marriage

by Doug Wolter

I’m really excited for this ministry of Family Life.  My wife and I attended the Weekend to Remember marriage conference a few years ago and were incredibly blessed.  Starting in November 2010, you will be able to search for The Art of Marriage locations in your community. Make sure to check out the website for more information and updates on this new video-based, one-and-a-half day marriage event built on the same biblically based content as the hotel Getaway.

Oct 6 2010

This Message Broke Me …

by Doug Wolter

I needed this message from God through Francis Chan.  It broke me and brought me to tears.

Oct 5 2010

Two Questions to Ask As You Prepare to Speak

by Doug Wolter

As Francis Chan started his message at the recent DG conference he shared two questions he asks himself as he prepares to speak:

1.  Am I worried about what people will think of my message or what God will think of it?

2. Do I genuinely love the people I’m about to speak to?

Aug 31 2010

Orange Parents

by Doug Wolter

I just came across a new blog by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof called Orange Parents.  The picture below explains the orange concept.  My buddy, Lisle Drury, and I attended the Orange Conference last year and it helped to spur us on to begin a new ministry to families called, S.E.E.D.S.  Though the gospel is not always put to the forefront of the 252 curriculum produced by these “Orange Leaders,” there is much good to be gathered from their intentional focus on bringing the church and home together.  So I encourage you to bookmark this parenting blog.

Aug 21 2010

Christian Parenting is Combat

by Doug Wolter

Al Mohler recently spoke at the Connecting Church and Home Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  In his message, “Christian Parenting is Combat,” he gives 4 things Christian leaders must do to connect the church and home.

#1 The church must present faithful vision of the family, marriage, and parenting – and equip believers to transfer that vision to the next generation.

#2 The church must overcome the zone of privacy and autonomy that keeps individuals from being accountable to the church community. We need to get into each others face. Our parenting and marriage are not properly ours – but belong to Christ and are the affairs of the whole church. Someone needs to get involved when people struggle in these areas.

#3 The church has got to be a place where brokenness is overcome by the Gospel. We slander the good news when we act like the only people who can glorify God are those who have never experienced brokenness.

#4 The church has to got to be the place where families are rescued and armed for the combat to which we are called. Discipleship is a battle. We come to church because we can’t afford not to come. We need to get together because we need to be equipped by the preaching of the Word of God and the fellowship of the Saints.

(HT: Tony Kummer)

Aug 21 2010

Connecting Church and Home

by Doug Wolter

I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Connecting Church and Home Conference here in Louisville, Kentucky.  But Tony Kummer took some great notes on the conference if you’re interested.  The audio messages should be available at the conference website soon.  You also might be interested in downloading this free conference program given to the attendees.

Jun 20 2010

Why Does the Universe Look So Old?

by Doug Wolter

Good thoughts by Tim Challies summing up Al Mohler’s message at the Ligonier conference.

May 7 2010

To be a 6th Grader Again …

by Doug Wolter

I’m getting ready to head out with my good buddy Lisle on a 6th Grade Retreat this weekend.  The theme of our retreat is CHANGE.  That one word pretty much encompasses what’s going on in the lives of kids at this age.  Lots of changes, inside and out!  Zits, Braces, and hair in weird places!  What an awkward time.  Wanting to be liked.  Wanting to fit in.  All of these changes can lead to confusion and frustration.  That’s why we need a change of the heart first.  And when we become a new creature the change process has only begun.  Justified by grace and then sanctified by grace until we reach glory.   Please pray for this weekend.  And yes, that’s me as a 6th grader on the left.

One book Lisle and I recommend for parents during these awkward years is The Space Between by Walt Mueller.